Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stand Still

I have lived so much of my life "running around like a chicken with my head cut off", with a three-page long "to do" list, multi-tasking, juggling dozens of hats... I have been riding the merry-go-round of life. I am spinning around and around and around. The corny, carnival music is great; I have the fanciest horse, with the gold mane and the comfy saddle... But something, er, someone made me realize that as wonderful and exciting as this ride has been, and as comfortable and familiar as this seat is, my butt is starting to throb, my neck hurts, and I'm getting dizzy.

I am tired of the revolving door life. The crazy thing is though, I didn't think I was tired of my life at all. I loved who I was and what I was doing, until this guy came along and showed me that laying all day in bed, slow dancing, taking long bubble baths, singing sweet songs to someone you care about, just being with someone and doing nothing else... that is the best hat to wear, the best kinds of things to fill up a "to do" list with.

It is wild to me that someone can do something so influential and life-changing to someone. I've always been a busybody. But now all I want is my body near his, not being busy doing anything but blushing, laughing, kissing, and caring. I have found the man who has taken my hand, pulled me off my ferris wheel life, held me tightly around my waist so my feet can get used to the ground again, and made me want to... just stand still.

And that to me is far, far better than glitter, gold, and a fiber glass horse.

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