Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Day!

As you may know, I LOVE to travel! I don't necessarily have a "Bucket List" (mainly because the idea of documenting everything I would actually put on that list is daunting), but if I did have a "Bucket List", and the patience to create one, traveling all over the world, to every country, would be at the top of it! I was browsing Design Sponge, which has quickly become one of my absolute most favorite blogs to browse, today and found this ingenuis, totally fantastic idea that got me more excited today than anything! (And I had a pretty good day... Skyped Nick, saw one of my really good friends for the first time in a a few months, had a great lunch, AND crossed five things off my "to do" list!)

So, this is my new project! ! I CANNOT WAIT to start it! :) I'm going to get a map from every country, an incredibly unhealthy amount of cork, and have at it! Maybe I'll try to do one country a weekend? I think that's a reasonable goal... because this is more than just some snips of maps, cuts of cork, and glops of glue; it will involve finesse, research precision, and a lot of time. But I am 100% sure it will be totally worth it!

Pictures and updates of this project will be up soon! Maybe as soon as this weekend!

Many, many thanks to Design Sponge - (Okay, go there. Now. Click the link. Go ahead. Do it!)

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