Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Want' Wednesday

Canon AE-1 35mm camera - this is the camera I want! Want need desire crave yearn long for love love love

You know what else I want?

I want to become a REAL blogger! What exactly defines someone who writes in a blog as a 'blogger' and then as a 'real, serious, down to business blogger'? I'm not exactly sure.

This blog is me - uncensored, crazy, all over the place, girly, emotional, sentimental, full of quotes, thoughts, feelings, probably some freakouts at some point, pictures (probably not enough), real, scary, emotional, inspirational, motivational, some other awesome adjectives ending in "-tional" - just me.

I'm not great with any... well, modern technology (but I'd ADORE anyone's help with making my blog Internet-conducive and virtually mind-blowing!); I don't have any English degree or other credentials, other than a few spelling bee titles; I am far too busy once school starts back up again.

But, all things aside, I want to do this thing, make it my own, be proud of what this is, how I manifest myself in this, and what I'm putting out into the world.

So, here goes! For REAL this time! I'm diving in! (And I actually don't know how to dive, so I would really, really appreciate and covet any help, advice, hints, tips, and tricks that anyone would like to offer!)

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