Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mad to Love

If I’m allowed to close my eyes and sit in quiet peace, I can forge its magic. Deep and wonderful, it’s a feeling that is champion of all—that of the lingering smile and starry-eyed kiss. Bright and beautiful, soft and lovely, whimsical in legend while bursting in truth. It is the night-filled glee and the day-long temperance of forever love—lively of nature, aching in beauty. It is the reason we breathe and the treasure we chase.

New in its fragrance while triumphant in its battles, this love is wrecker of all that we’ve held before. It kidnaps our past and solidifies our future. It is the great eraser of the doubt we lock away, the mighty healer of all the hurt that came before. It is the striking hope for tomorrow and the powerful protector from yesteryear. It is the sun-filled morning and the tossed about night. This love is the great confusion—breaking us upon ourselves, yet bringing forth every desire for which we’ve longed. This love is the Godly bounty of our being.

Oh, how we’ve chased the others and fallen for their fairy-taled tricks. We’ve shattered our hearts upon the falsities of their failure and hoped for one-day-redemption. We’ve promised ourselves “Never again!” stiffening our jaw in determination and locking our eyes elsewhere. But we were left lonely and wanting.
Now, in its blessed rising, we are found truthful and lacking of nothing. Our beautiful redemption has come forth, for this is the love of eternity. This is the love we’ve brought upon ourselves and this is the love we’ve waited for.  

This is the love we deserve; this is the love we are worth. This love is a blessing. And this love is forever.

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